“The Little Boy” 1855

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The Little Boy 1855┬áThis summer I read a story about local history that I had never heard. The “Aiken Standard” ran a story about “The Little Boy” who is buried in the back section of the old Graniteville Cemetary. I finally made a trip out to see the grave for myself. As the stroy goes, a child of about 12 years old was riding the train when he became very sick. He was traveling alone and was too sick to speak. He was taken off the train and cared for some local Graniteville residents. The boy’s fever never broke and he died all alone, with no identification. He was buried in the Granitville Cemetary with a small plain wooden marker that said only “The Little Boy” 1855. The people of Graniteville later replaced the wooden marker with a small permanent stone. Today, people still leave toys on the grave in memory of “the little boy”.

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