John Osteen’s Cabin Revisited

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John Osteen opened his log cabin to the public again this past weekend.  I had been looking forward to making another visit since last year when I went out for my first visit. (Last years visit seen here) .  The day was overcast and we had a  slight drizzle on the the way out.  When you step through the door to the cabin, you find a warm and inviting fire in the big stone fireplace.  Just as warm is the welcome that you receive from John Osteen.  To greet his guest he has a hot cup of coffee off the wood stove, as well as sweet potatoes, biscuits and corn bread with plenty of syrup and honey.  The best thing of all is just the conversation.

John, an avid historian, built his log cabin back in 1976.  Since then he has add a smokehouse, chick coop, barn, a one room school house, and a Confederate Museum.  There is a lot of history to learn as you walk back through history to a time when life was simpler.

See more pictres from John Osteen’s Cabin 2010 Open House.