Aiken’s Makin Arts and Crafts Festival

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Aiken's Makin This year was the 31st year for the annual Aiken’s Makin Arts and Crafts festival. The event had a small beginning in 1976 with only about 50 vendors. This year there were about 300 craftsmen and about 30 food vendors. Each year there is plenty of good entertainment throughout the event.
Aiken's Makin
Entertainment ranged from music, to dance, even a clown troupe.

Aiken's Makin

Over 35,000 people wandered the event located throughout the parkways of historic downtown Aiken. With over 300 craftsmen, you could find almost anything that you would want. I am sure many a Christmas gift was bought during this two day event. There were crafts, decorations, clothes, toys, art work, photography, and much more. You could even have your sillhouette cut out by a lady in a period costume.

Aiken's MakinAnd did we mention food. Just like going to the fair, only better. Over 30 food vendors loacated in the food court areas. Just about anything that you would expect.

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