Monument Valley Sunrise

While staying at Goulding’s Lodge at Monument Valley, I woke up early, grabbed a cup of coffee, and walked out my room onto the balcony. I was rewarded for this early morning wakeup with a beautiful sunrise.

Monument Valley

On a recent trip out west to see the some of the National Parks of Arizona, Colorado, and Utah, we took in Monument Valley in Utah. Over the years, more Western Movies were made in Monument Valley than any other location in the United States. … Continue readingMonument Valley

Peter Rabbit

While at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, we stopped for lunch right next to the Petting Zoo and Nature Center. We had the really neat experience of being able to play with this tiny bunny. He reminded me of Peter Rabbit, just after he had returned … Continue readingPeter Rabbit

Friendly Peacock

On a recent trip to Charleston, we went to Magnolia Plantation and spent an enjoyable day visiting the gardens. We stopped for a picnic lunch, at an area set up next to the petting zoo and pasture. Two peacocks, as well as a number of … Continue readingFriendly Peacock