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Fall Colors in Aiken

 Tonight when I was leaving work, I looked across the parking lot and saw this tree standing out from all the others with it's wonderful display of Fall Color. The low angle of the sun with its warm tones just added to the sight. It is hard to capture in…

Sunflowers at the Farmers’ Market

This week at the Aiken Farmers' Market, they were having the Apple Festival. We didn't see many apples, however, they did have some nice flowers and vegetables. The original Farmers' Market has been restored by the city of Aiken and is open year round, Monday thru Saturday during peak months.

Railroad Cut in Aiken

Aiken is located along the route of the first long distance steam railroad in America. In 1833, the “Best Friend” made the 136 mile trip from Charleston to Hamburg, a thriving river port and trading center on the Savannah River near Augusta. In the beginning the train had to be…

Coker Spring

Coker Spring was the water source for early settlers in the Aiken area. It was a stagecoach stop on route from Abbeville to Charleston, SC. It was deeded to the city of Aiken in 1844 by WM. Peronneau Finley. It was restored by many friends in 1972.