Lighthouses Visited

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USC Aiken Baseball

I walked out of the USCA Wellness Center and saw a great sunset in the making. I quickly jumped in my car and drove over to the baseball field where I could get a better view. The ball field made a nice foreground to complement the sky.

Sunset Gazebo

 While driving home from work one evening, I saw this sunset developing. I pulled into the first available road and found this gazebo. I thought it would make a nice setting for the sunset.

Palmetto Sunrise

One morning, while on the way to work, I looked up and saw this beautiful sunrise. It really reminded me of being in Charleston or at the beach. It is hard to believe this is a scene from Aiken. I really like the how the sky was a range of…

Patriotic Parking

I was driving around town the other day and saw this American flag painted on the side of the building. It makes you stop and think what a great county this is. It is nice to see people that are proud of their country and the freedoms that we have…

Tennis anyone?

 This afternoon we went to the Petersburg Racquet Club in Augusta to visit with my wife's brother who was in town for the weekend. While I don't normally shoot much sports, I kind of liked this action shot of his son playing tennis.