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All Aboard Aiken

[caption id="attachment_727" align="aligncenter" width="800" caption="All Aboard Aiken"][/caption] In the early 1830's, William Aiken and the South Carolina Canal Railroad Company built a 136 mile railroad from Charleston to Hamburg on the river just accross from Augusta, Ga. the first in the country to have regular scheduled steam locomotives. It was…


 Normally a trip to the mail box is pretty mundane. One day, however, I was greeted by this huge sunflower that my neighbor had planted by the cluster mailboxes. Seeing this beautiful flower looking down on me really made my day.

Color My World

 Tonight The Palmetto Shutterbugs challenge was to pick a room in your house and take 10 different pictures. This colorful toy was laying on the hearth by the fire place and caught my eye.

On the way home

 Heading back into Aiken on Highway 78 from a quick trip to Charleston, I finally stopped to try to capture this old barn. I have passed this way many times, and have always wanted to try to get a picture, but it has always been the wrong time of day…