TtV Spring Time

 I had to try my hand at TtV Photograpy (Through the Viewfinder) after seeing several blogs and Flickr sites. This involves using a modern DSLR to make an exposure through the view finder of a vintage camera. I used a Kodak Duaflex III which was made from 1954 to 1957.…

Rainy Day Reflections

While on the campus of The University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC this past saturday it was raining and I could not get around much. I did find these reflections that were kind of cool. These are really full color and not taken in or converted to Black and…

Cooper River Bridge

The new Arther Ravenel Jr. Bridge as seen from the Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park. Any trip to Charleston is not complete without at least driving over this beautiful structure. Walking the bridge is an even better experience.
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